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Jul 10, 2019 · A disc replacement provides an inviting alternative to the movement restriction that results from plates, screws and bone grafts associated with a traditional discectomy and fusion. Although discectomy and fusion are proven treatments with good success rates, it may not be the most appropriate course of action for you. A recommendation for a

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Cervical disc arthroplasty, or cervical artificial disc repalcecment, is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged or degenerate intervertebral disc with an implant (artificial disc) designed to preserve motion in your neck. Cervical disc replacement is an operation performed on the cervical spine (neck), used to treat conditions such as arm brachialgia (nerve pain in the arm) and cervical

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Cervical disc arthroplasty (CDA) is an alternative treatment for cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy resulting from degenerative disc disease. By maintaining segmental motion, surgeons hope to avoid some of the primary drawbacks of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), such as pseudoarthrosis and adjacent segment disease

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Disc Arthroplasty Headquarters . Our team of industry experts have decades of experience in spinal disc arthroplasty. Our team, and extensive network within the industry enables us to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on products, surgeon users, and latest news

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Efficacy of Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery. While cervical artificial disc replacement surgery is still considered a newer procedure, the data collected thus far have shown it to be relatively safe and effective for reducing neck and arm pain resulting from a compressed nerve root or spinal cord

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Criteria. Coverage is subject to the specific terms of the member's benefit plan. Cervical artificial intervertebral disc replacement or spinal arthroplasty may be considered medically necessary when performed at either a single level or two levels in individuals with symptomatic cervical degenerative disc disease (e.g., radicular neck and/or arm pain and/or functional/neurological deficit) or

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Apr 30, 2018 · Total disc arthroplasty for the cervical spine (neck) is a different story than disc arthroplasty for the low back. An artificial cervical disc designed for the neck flexes, extends, and slides. And, like a lumbar disc arthroplasty, most cervical disc arthroplasties are also done from the front

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Cervical Disc Replacement is an alternative to Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion (ACDF), which is commonly used to treat this procedure and is highly-effective. In both procedures, the unhealthy disc is removed. In ACDF, the spine height is restored and cadaver, autologous or synthetic a bone graft is used to fix the spinal bones into position

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Degenerative disc disease is the leading cause of pain and disability in adults in North America, and spinal fusion is the standard treatment. Despite this, it has been discussed among surgeons that (1) spinal fusion deserves reexamination in terms of its long-term consequences and benefits and (2) …

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Disc replacement removes a damaged spinal disc and replaces it with an artificial disc. Spinal discs are made of cartilage-like material. They act as cushions between two vertebrae. Your surgeon may recommend this surgery if you have back pain due to one or two damaged spinal discs. Disc replacement can improve your back pain and disability

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Total disc arthroplasty, also known as artificial disc replacement (ADR) and total disc replacement (TDR) is a surgical procedure performed to replace degenerated discs in the spinal column. If you have degenerative disc disease and are experiencing chronic pain in the back or cervical region, you may be a candidate for total disc arthroplasty

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Cervical artificial disc surgery is a type of joint replacement procedure, or arthroplasty, which involves inserting a cervical artificial disc into the intervertebral space after a natural cervical disc has been removed. A cervical artificial disc is a prosthetic device designed to maintain motion in the treated vertebral segment