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PERFORMANCES. Daily Sludge treatment: 3 Ton/day Final sludge dry matter: 80% Final sludge amount per day: 0,8 Ton/day Water extraction per day: 2,2 Ton/day Weight reduction: 75% Surface for the module installation: 15 m² Electrical power installed: 55 kWh Energy per 1 kg of water extracted: 0,5 kW/kgH2O Sludge management costs reduction:-75% of disposal costs thanks to the weight reduction

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Low Temperature Belt-type Sludge Dryer (1) 1 : 4.2. 1 kWh electricity alone is capable to remove as much as 4.2 kgs of water from wet sludge, comparing to normal 1-2.5 kg of water per kWh. Save energy bill and reduce carbon footprint. (2) 67% / 80%. Reduce wet sludge volume by 67% and weight by 80%. Save transportation cost. (3) 75ºC / 50ºC

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The sludge is dispose off to the local landfill. Our client was looking into a method to reduce the sludge weight before disposing it off as a cost reduction solution. Before the sludge enter the OKADA Sludge Dryer, it is first de-watered using a screw press. The moisture level after the screw press is recorded to be at approximately ~85%

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Shincci is famous sludge dryer brand, ... Energy Efficiency: 60~200kWh Per 1 Ton Sludge. ... Low Temperature Dehumidification and Evaporation. Save Your Cost from Efficient Solution to Sludge Reduction and Utilization. Over 400 Sludge Drying Applications from 1 Ton to 1000 Ton

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Dec 10, 2019 · The total variables cost (TVC) is estimated at USD 39,292.44 for laboratory/QC/QA expenses. By taking into account TLC and TVC, the TPC amounted to USD 386,070.25. The operating cost per m 3 POME incurred by the proposed CSD at KPOM is USD 1.91. 3.3. Challenges to establishing convective sludge drying (CSD) in palm oil mill

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Oct 01, 2015 · Total costs and areas for WWTP_1 (DS i,1 = 0.22, sludge production = 25,901 kg/hr) obtained by M1 for different DS m,i values. Runs with M1 were also conducted for a management time of 28 years. Total costs ranged between €5827 and €32,168,900

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Sun Sunny today with a high of 12 °F (-11.1 °C) and a low of -5 °F (-20.6 °C). 12 ° -5 ° Mon Mostly sunny today with a high of 13 °F (-10.6 °C) and a low of -2 °F (-18.9 °C)

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1 kWh electricity alone is capable to remove as much as 4.2 kg of water from wet sludge, comparing to normal 1-2.5 kg water per kWh.Save energy bill and reduce carbon footprint. Reduce wet sludge volume by 67% and weight by 80%. Save transportation cost

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Typical payback on a Met-Chem Sludge Dryer varies from about 1-2 years depending upon the specific application and existing hauling costs. A sludge dryer can reduce hauling costs by 50-75%. A sludge dryer can reduce hauling costs by 50-75%

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Compared with ordinary sludge dryers, it can save nearly 20% of coal consumption and save costs for customers. The sludge dryer adopts multi-stage purification and dust removal equipment, which meets and exceeds national environmental protection standards and …

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The K-S Paddle Sludge Dryer is used worldwide for drying a variety of sludges, biosolids and by-products, to generate dry stable products, reduce disposal cost and convert waste into marketable by-products. In municipal waste water treatment plants (MWWTP) the K-S Paddle Sludge Dryer System produces Class A Biosolids in accordance with the EPA

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The power consumption was 500 kWhr per metric ton of raw sludge. An economic analysis shows that the cost to process sludge is $80 per ton, including amortization, labor and power costs. This results in a production cost of $400 for one bone-dry ton of product. Conclusion

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TPDL302 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Dehydrator and Sludge Dryer by Screw Press Top Industry(Chengdu) Co., Ltd. US $4999-$30000 / Set

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All known possibilities for utilising sewage sludge remain after drying. Solar drying is not only reducing the amount of sewage sludge for disposal. The generated dry granule has a considerable caloric value. Actually, 1 ton of dried sewage sludge provides as much energy as 300 litres of fuel oil

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) ± 97 5 17 4 G = 1.7 tonne / d (natural gas) CH O CO + 2H O, C H O CO + 3H O 4 2 2 2 2 6 2 2 2 + → + → 2 7 2 2 Air feed to incinerator: 3 4 3, 11200 kg sludge 0.75 kg sol 19000 kJ 2.5 m (STP) air 1 kmol kmol air (air): 1781 d kg sludge 1 kg sol 10 kJ 22.4 m (STP) d th sludge = 4 2, 4 2 kmol CH 2 kmol O kmol 4.76 kmol air kmol air (air

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1. With integrated design of sludge dewatering and drying, the sludge can be directly reduced from 99% moisture content to 10%, the whole process is simple; 2. The drying process adopts a fully enclosed structure design, no peculiar smell escapes during the whole process, and there is no need to install a deodorizing device; 3

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When it is to extract one ton palm oil, it has 6 tons of old leaves , 1 ton of trunk, 5 tons of empty fruit bunch , 1 ton of peel fiber, 0.5 tons of palm kernel shell,0.25 tons of pomace and 3 tons of palm oil mill effluent. The wastes account for high proportion in the process of palm oil production